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Foundations is an introductory series of classes taught privately or to a group of
participants. These classes cover the essential principles for Pilates Equipment, Pilates Mat
or 3-D  Workout™. Foundations prepares participants for ongoing group classes. This is an opportunity to experience the work without a lengthy commitment to time or finances.

Pilates Mat

In a Pilates Mat class the whole body is stretched and strengthened through movements that demand attention and precision. At Counterbalance Studio Pilates the 34 classic Pilates Mat exercises are organized by difficulty and offered as levels I, II & III. These exercises can be further modified to meet your individual needs. Mat exercises are portable so can be practiced outside the studio.

Pilates Equipment

Pilates Equipment offers spring resistance to challenge your control and strength. Counterbalance Studio Pilates specializes in developing individualized workout programs for each participant to ensure a safe and effective exercise experience.

TRIO Equipment

This class is similar to Pilates Equipment but rather than the participant working individually, the class is directed by the teacher. Limited to 3 participants.

3-D Workout™

3-D Workout™ is an exercise system that stands beautifully on its own or as a complement to Pilates and other physical activities. Each class begins on the floor with body integration exercises and then moves on to postural muscle stretches. The class finishes standing with a free weights section incorporating weight shifts, steps and turns that improve balance while increasing arm and shoulder strength. This body-friendly, feel-good workout will surprise you with its challenges. Elaine, Carrie Lynn, Fiona and Mary were certified by the originator of 3-D Workout™ Dianne Woodruff, CMA, PhD (

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is a gentle form of exercise that reduces stress, supports health and promotes awareness in activity.  The aim is to cultivate stability, clarity and flexibility in the body and mind.  These practices are suitable for beginner and experienced practitioners in any physical condition.

Free Your Fascia

Start your weekend off right by undoing the stress of your work-week and refreshing your movement patterns! This class combines several methods including Pilates, 3-D Workout™ and MELT to release tension and improve how you move through life. Great for both mind and body. A solid knowledge of Pilates is required to attend this class.


ELDOA is a revolutionary technique created by French osteopath Dr Guy Voyer. ELDOAs are postural exercises that reduce pressure on specific spinal segments resulting in a wide range of benefits. Learn more at

Stability Ball

This is a Pilates mat class themed around the stability ball. The class is suitable for beginners while providing new challenges to experienced Pilates practitioners. Additional props are used with the stability ball e.g. weights, squishy balls. You'll finish the class feeling energized, realigned and toned from the inside out!

Biodynamic Craniosacral Sessions

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is a gentle hands-on therapy that provides the space for deep rest. From that place of deep physiological rest, blocks and constrictions are released, the nervous system is nourished, the body resets, and the natural fluidity and energetic flow that is essential to and a sign of Health is restored. Conditions that BCST addresses include stress, trauma, injury, chronic conditions, pain, major life transitions, as well as coming back to self.

Counterbalance Studio Pilates features Balanced Body equipment.

Pilates Classes