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"I was 2nd in the Men's 60-64 age category in the Toronto Waterfront Marathon on Oct. 19, 2014. I ran 3:23:49. The time was a few minutes off my goal but it was my first marathon in almost 30 years so I'm ok with the result. I'm just getting back into shape after a 20 year layoff and over the past 5 years I've worked up to running 50 miles over 5 or 6 days a week."

"Running is a very singular activity limited to primarily forward motion. I feel the work we do at Counterbalance gives me balance, flexibility, centers and extends my body, and gives me focus while I'm running. I feel I get a tiny bit more power with my mechanics on each step which is then multiplied by about 33,000 times in a full 42.2 km marathon."

"I don't do any other training work like weights or cross-fit or yoga, maybe just walking and trail running. I've been with Counterbalance in A Class for Nellie’s for 8 months now and I find the Pilates is the best exercise for me as a senior competitive runner. It's helped me stay injury-free this year."

"Our teacher, Elaine Biagi Turner is a great communicator of the Pilates concepts. We are able to internalize the actions and then re-use in our daily lives."

"Counterbalance is a studio about integrity. The supervision is inspirational and the camaraderie is a bonus. The client is center stage. Pilates equipment and mat classes have guided me to attain specific goals, both short and long term. The perfect balance between a program that offers a challenge and degrees of mastery is what has kept me coming year after year!"

"My wife Rozi has, for the past four years, found her most beautiful obsession yet: Pilates at Counterbalance Studio. She attends class twice a week, reluctantly misses, and always comes home mentally and physically stimulated. Rozi, with Elaine’s guidance, has transformed herself into a youthful, toned and more flexible individual whose stamina and overall wellbeing challenges even that of our seven grandchildren."

"Elaine possesses all of the important qualities that make an exceptional teacher. She continues to study and integrate new ideas and approaches into all of her classes. She is kind but attentive to how her clients can best interpret the work, be it Pilates or 3D, and will patiently demonstrate and explain until she is satisfied that the work is understood. She also creates a welcoming and safe environment that is a pleasure to be part of."

"I have been attending mat classes at Counterbalance studio for over 10 years. Mat and 3-D Workout™ classes are always engaging and flow smoothly from beginning to end. All the teachers communicate in a clear, intuitive manner and can sometimes be quite humorous in their efforts to help us improve our technique. I suffered a severe knee injury 30 years ago and yet, with guidance from the teachers, can fully participate in all the classes. I am fully committed to this studio."

"Counterbalance is a great place and I'm very glad I discovered it! Elaine is an amazing instructor, clearly knows the Pilates system thoroughly and is always updating her own training. Elaine is also very flexible and works very hard to accommodate people's schedules, absences and during class, our different levels of ability. I have also greatly enjoyed classes taught by Carrie and Fiona. Elaine is also a warm, genuine and very caring person and her studio reflects her great personality. There is no competition or other negative dynamics amongst students. No fancy clothes here! It is also very community-centered and becomes more than just a workout studio: it is a place to meet people in your neighborhood, learn about what's going on locally and borrow great books!"

"I have severe osteoporosis and know that at Counterbalance the Pilates teachers understand completely my condition and choose exercises that are appropriate. I look forward to the class and am so much stronger."
"10 years ago I began taking Pilates classes with Elaine at Counterbalance. Throughout that time, this is the only program that has remained a constant part of my physical and mental wellbeing. Elaine’s teaching style is personal and genuine and those strong qualities are demonstrated by all the teachers at the studio. They are always exploring new techniques and therapies to enhance and improve our experience and keep things fresh, interesting and fun. I would recommend her studio to anyone who wants to begin or continue their Pilates journey."
Sue G.

"I have been a client of Elaine Biagi Turner at Counterbalance Studio Pilates since 2001. The customized Pilates routine and the small, intimate classes ensure that I am carrying out the exercises safely and maximizing their benefits. I have noticed tremendous improvements in my core and upper body strength, in my flexibility, balance, cardio endurance and posture. Whenever specific physical limitations arise due to injuries, Elaine is very creative in modifying the exercise program to ensure the injury is not exacerbated and adjustments are made to support healing of the problem area. I am so thrilled that I was introduced to Counterbalance and my experience there is nothing short of fantastic! I very much look forward to each and every session and my body really misses it when I am unable to go to the studio!"

"I have been taking classes at Counterbalance Studio Pilates for approximately 12 years. It is because of Elaine’s patience, excellent instruction, pleasant personality and fairness that I have remained with her for such a long time. She always takes the time to correct you when you need correcting and she adds interesting variations and small equipment so the class does not get boring for old hands at the game. Five years ago I underwent surgery and was unsure about continuing Pilates classes. Elaine took the time to encourage me to get back to the studio and carry on. And I have!"